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HMRC Scam Emails

Dodgy Emails or Texts from HMRC

How to Spot Them

I think we all know somebody who has recently received a text, email etc from HMRC, which inevitably “puts the wind up us”!

Hackers will try anything to get their hands on your money. Small businesses seem to be an easy target.

These guys are very clever and seem to be a genuine contact from HMRC at first glance.

Pressure Tactic

Demanding immediate action

Pay Now Or You're For It

Pay now or else – I’ve had a text of this nature, as I’m sure many of you have too.

Emails or texts that use phrases like ‘you only have three days to respond’ or ‘urgent action required’ are almost definitely scams and to be ignored.

HMRC Email Detail

Fake Email Address

Hover Over From

These look like the biz, so can be difficult to recognise as not being the real thing. However if you hover over the ‘from’ address, the actual link, it should take you to HMRC. All official email address will end in @hmrc.gov.uk.

If you’re unsure about the email, forward it to HMRC’s phishing team at [email protected] and they’ll be able to provide you with guidance.

Links and Attachments

Emails that have links to a web page or have an attachment should be treated with caution. The links may go to a site that looks like the real HMRC homepage, but will ask you to input personal information so they can steal it.

Also do not open any unexpected attachments. They may contain viruses that will give scammers a way into your computer, allowing them access to personal information.

The Impersonal

Dear Sir/Madam

HMRC Address You By Name

Emails from HMRC will always address you by name, not Sir/Madam/customer etc.