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IR35 in the private medical sector

Do you work for the private ambulance service?

Kelly at BKS Accounts is not only a qualified accountant but also a qualified EMT.

Kelly worked in the private sector for a couple of years, but that was enough for her to get a good idea of the accountancy side of working within this sector.

She will therefore understand what is required on your accounts and tax returns. Kelly knows everything that can be claimed for, whether you are a sole trader or a limited company.

Kelly also understands the stresses of IR35 and will be able to help you complete the questionnaire that shows if your contract falls within the IR35 remit.  Most of the companies you get contracts from will be asking for your IR35 status. We can help with this.

At BKS Accounts we can compare your income as a PAYE employee, sole trader or as a director/shareholder of your own company, showing you your best option

We can then talk you through:-

  • how to make the most of your income
  • how much to save for tax purposes
  • what you are free to spend on yourself

Owning your own business can sound quite daunting even though you are literally saving lives every day!  However, this is where we step in and take the added stress away from running a business!

We are sure that you are all worried about IR35, tax, accounts and more, but with Kelly’s wealth of experience having worked on both sides of the fence, BKS Accounts has an added insight into advising you on the most tax efficient way of working within this sector.

Give Kelly a call on 07957 218280 to discuss your options and remember we don’t only work 9-5 hours as we sure know that you don’t!  So, feel free to message any time and you have our assurance you will get a response.

BKS Accounts offers reduced fees to anyone working within the medical industry.