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Payroll Canterbury

Payroll Canterbury

BKS Accounts Ltd. is qualified to oversee all the critical payroll duties and responsibilities of your business in Canterbury. Companies with multiple employees must maintain accurate and reliable payroll information to ensure they receive their paycheques without any problems. Failure to maintain accurate payroll data could result in low employee morale and reduced work productivity in the company.

Our company has a team of certified accountants with the proper skills, training, education, and software to handle complex payroll management duties for any business. Our accountants have the experience and expertise to manage payrolls of all sizes and scopes. We work with small and large companies every day, so the size of your company and its payroll are irrelevant to us.


The extent of our payroll services in Canterbury includes:

  • Custom-tailored accountancy services
  • Complete payroll accuracy
  • Complete payroll confidentiality
  • Create and manage the payroll scheme of your business
  • Provide real-time payroll information to the HMRC
  • Offer recommendations on how to reward employees


Would you like to reward your employees with prizes and incentives? Our payroll management services include reward incentive guidance, where we develop effective ways to reward company employees to motivate them and increase their productivity in the workplace. Our accountants will complete the P11D form for more significant rewards like company cars.

BKS Accounts Ltd. will customise our payroll services to support your company’s specific payroll management requirements in Canterbury. Call us at 07894 509849 to learn how we can customise our payroll services to benefit your company’s payroll needs.