BKS Account LTD


Accountants for Pubs Near Me

Accountants for Pubs Near Me

BKS Accounts offers local, hands-on accounting expertise tailored to the needs of pub businesses. Our proximity means we are not just accountants; we are partners who understand your local environment, customer base, and unique challenges. We focus on building a close relationship with each client, ensuring that our services are perfectly aligned with your pub’s specific needs.

Our Local Services Include:

  • Bespoke Bookkeeping: Tailored to the daily transactions specific to pubs, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Local Market Insights: We provide advice based on local market trends and customer behaviours, helping you make strategic decisions for your pub.
  • Community Engagement: Understanding the importance of community in the pub business, we offer guidance on local networking and marketing strategies.


  • Accessibility and Responsiveness: Being local, we offer quick and convenient access to our services and support.
  • Customised Financial Solutions: Our deep understanding of the local market allows us to offer solutions that are specifically beneficial for your pub.