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Debt Collection

Small Business in Hythe looking for information on debt queries? Tim is your man!

Hythe Small Business Debt Collection Guru

Why Tim?

So, I’ve been begging him for years to come on board as a member of staff with BKS Accounts! The art of persuasion finally worked!

Having worked in the field of bailiffs and debt collection for years, I knew he had something substantial to offer our clients in terms of giving advice when you have an unwelcome visitor, or a letter through the door penned by somebody you never want to hear from!


Here is what he has to say:

I first started working for The High Court Sheriffs Office in 1984 and spent 20+ years working as a Sheriffs Officer in London and in Surrey. My role was to serve High Court Writs and to seize goods under those Writs, also to serve High Court possession orders and carry out evictions.

I left The Sheriff’s Office in 2006 and gained my General Bailiffs license. I then started working for several bailiff companies on a self-employed basis. This was up to 2016 when I went to work for a vehicle repossession company.

The rules have changed a lot in The Enforcement World since I first began back in 1984. The biggest change coming in 2014 when new legislation came into force. When I first started you had to gain entry to a property under your High Court Writ or warrant and formerly seize and value the goods on the premises before you could charge the Defendant. Nowadays, as soon as letters are sent out, so the costs go on!

However, Bailiffs are no longer allowed to climb in through windows or scale fences, but must be granted access into a private residence. Bailliffs are a bit like Vampires! Once you allow them in you may find they come back as much as they want, particularly if you have signed a Control of Goods form.

I became disillusioned with the Enforcement industry back when laws changed in 2014. It seems now it’s a game of getting as many letters out as you can and seeing who bites and takes the bait! Therefore, you may never see the Enforcement Officer but still get a big bill!

So now it’s a new start for me and trying something new, I reckon you can teach old dogs new tricks …. well hopefully!